Connect with us via Sirona-Connect

Sirona-Connect is the easiest way to send us a digital impression. In fact, 95% of ALL cases we receive, are via Sirona-Connect. It’s quick, free and easy. If you have a Primescan, Omnicam, or CEREC Blue Cam simply create or log in to your Sirona-Connect account. 

How to add us:

On the left click “My Account” then click “My Favorite Recipients.” To find us quicker, click the yellow button that says: “Search Recipients” then click another yellow button “Start Search.” Finally type in our zipcode; 28704. (If done in reverse order, the wheel will spin for various minutes.)

We receive your cases instantaneously

With the Sirona-Connect App, we get your cases, as soon as they are commissioned. We are able to review the case, look at margins and preps, and sometimes get started on the case before the patient even leaves the office. 

All the details

With Sirona-Connect, you can add detailed notes, photos, and information about your patient! When we receive your case the lab slip will be attached.  No more pick-ups or pouring up impressions. 

Various Options of sending Sirona-Connect

Have implants? No problem, you can order scan bodies and scan posts to be able to send via Sirona-Connect. Ortho scans, Diagnostic Wax-Ups, Night Guards, and so much more can all be sent via Sirona-Connect.