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BellaVitaSmiles Testimonials

“The Same Day Smile service with Bella Vita has been a fantastic experience for us and our patients.  Not only is working with Bill an easy experience, but the patients have been amazed with the results.  It never fails; each patient returns with the same comments:  "I love it, and I cant believe you did it all in one day.  I told my friends I got it done it one day, and they couldn't believe me." “

Jordan H. Councill DDS PA Asheville NC


“I have had the privilege to work with Bill and Bella Vita Dental Designs on two same day smile makeovers.  The results were terrific with 10 gorgeous veneers for both patients.  Bill’s skill, attention to detail and focus on the job at hand made the day stress free and simplified the entire process.  And best of all, Bill is a joy to work with and lots of fun.  I can’t wait to work with Bill on another one of these great cases.”

Scott Menaker DDS FAGD Charlotte NC


“There is nothing more exciting than having your patient truly appreciate your dentistry and nothing was more wonderful than having it done in one day by Bill Atkission’s Belle Vita Dental Designs Lab services. Bill came to my office and we completed a same day smile makeover using CEREC. I prepared the teeth, imaged, and Bill completed the restorations without a hitch. After lunch we cemented the veneers and the patient smiled with excitement.

Ray Kessler DMD Charlotte NC