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 Bella Vita Dental Designs proudly offers patient satisfaction!
Below are products we offer to allow your practice, in conjunction with us as your partner, to achieve that goal!

CEREC inLab CAD/CAM Technology

emaxCAD *IPS e.max CAD - Combines uniqueness and high performance. The innovative lithium disilicate ceramic fulfils the highest esthetic demands and unites state-of-the-art technology.

inCoris TZI - All-ceramic zirconium oxide crowns and bridges and custom implant abutments.  Features a strength of up to 1200 MPa.

Vita inVizion*VITA inVizion - Combines the proven strength of VITA YZ ceramic frameworks with the highly esthetic properties of VITAVM9 all-ceramic veneering material.

Vita Mark II*VITABLOCS Mark II, Real Life, Trilx Forte - Fine particle feldspar ceramic. Indicated for anterior crowns, veneers and inlays and onlays.

Custom Abutments -  TiBase and inCoris ZI meso can be used to make individual highly esthetic hybrid abutments with a crown of your choice.

Other Restorations include

*IPS Empress CAD, Celtra Duo, Cerasmart, Porcelain Fused to Semi Precious Metal and Full Gold Crowns

New CEREC and inLab restorations are always coming out.  Call and ask about the one you want!