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Digital dentistry, once the future, is now the present!  Digital impressions are now becoming the standard procedure for crown and bridge restorations.  Bella Vita Dental Designs has been using this state of the art technique since 2006 and has seen the industry virtually explode with this new technology.  It is quickly surpassing conventional impression taking as the preferred choice of doctors like you!

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Sirona Connect is the world's largest digital dental network giving you, the CEREC doctor, access to Bella Vita Dental Designs as your preferred "favorite lab" via its web based portal.  This will allow you an easier way to send digital impressions, exchange information, thoughts, ideas and instruction with us here at Bella Vita.

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Connect to convenience! 

* Save time and money - the digital impression generated saves time and reduces your labor costs. Plus, there's no additional fee to join the network or upload digital impression files.

* Increase patient comfort - more comfortable for your patient than conventional impression taking.

* Superior precision - the CEREC camera produces the most precise and fastest digital impressions.  Immune to dimensional changes, CEREC digital impressions result in superior precision, a prerequisite for sustained quality.

* Direct feedback from Bella Vita Dental Designs - immediate viewing of the digital impressions enables both parties to discuss the case over the phone, while your patient is still at your side!

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